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Hey, thanks so much for thinking of Table Bar! Unfortunately, we don't have the equipment quite yet to be able to process logs. That said, we'd love to put you in contact with the people who CAN take the tree. Send us a message at and we'll help ya out.

My neighbor cut down a tree! Do you want the wood?

10-12 weeks is currently our average lead time for a custom table.

what's your typical lead time?

Liquid Wax

Spray Cleaner

We strive to make your table maintenance as minimal as possible, using high-quality waxes and oils, so that you can spend more time building community at your table and less time cleaning it. 

All you need for day-to-day cleaning is a damp rag. Add some mild soap (avoid oil, bleach, or silicone-based cleaners) to clean up any large spills. Please take care to avoid placing hot items directly on the table top whenever possible.

If you're a table-care nerd (no shame, we certainly are) then check out the Osmo Spray Cleaner for day-to-day cleaning. You can also apply their Liquid Wax Cleaner once or twice a year (depending on how much you use your table) just to maintain the shine and add another coat of protection on there. 

How do I clean and care for my Table/Table Bar Product?

Very! Download our free Table Design guide here to learn more about your customizable options.

how customizable is my table?

This is order dependent. We deliver within the Cincinnati/Northern KY area. Otherwise, we can ship your table, or you’re welcome to come get it from us! 

do you deliver?

Our friends over at Outdoor Living Group (Dayton, OH) and Wilhelm Lumber (Brookville, IN) are our go-to sources for wood.

where do you source your wood from?