5 Creative Way to Use Your Table This Holiday Season

Jan 5, 2021

Tis the Season!

That’s right, we’re in the thick of the 2020 Holiday season, and much like the rest of this year, we’re all still pretty much stuck at home. So buckle up, boys and girls, because we’ve got an extra creative, holiday-themed, list of ways you can utilize your table this winter.

  1. Not Your Average Blanket Fort

Ok, you might be thinking, “um…DUH. A blanket fort?! Come on, Table Bar. How unoriginal.” Fair. But answer us this – when was the last time you actually built a blanket fort? Because to be honest, the process of building it is almost just as fun as hanging out in it. Plus…what do you have to lose? We’re all stuck inside for the next foreseeable months, so freaking go for it!

Want to level up your blanket fort-ing? Here’s a few ideas.
– Make it a multi-story fort.
– Eat breakfast, lunch, AND dinner inside of it.
– Expand your fort past your table and make it fill the entire room! If you’re a fan of the show Community, you know the blanket fort we’re thinking about.

Be sure to grab a pic and tag @tablebarco on Instagram! We’d love to see what you come up with.

  1. Hot Seat

So what is Hot Seat? Oh, you know, just your basic question game where you ask the most intimate, deep and terrifyingly vulnerable questions to whoever is in the chair. 

Actually, that sounds awful. Don’t do that. Instead, grab our TableTalk question guide and start some conversation! Deal is, whoever is in the seat has to answer three questions from the guide. Or, better yet, cut them out along the lines and add them to a hat. Randomly draw questions for each person in the seat!

This is a perfect time to show some vulnerability with your kids, with your spouse, maybe even with yourself. And just know, it is not easy to sit in that chair and answer honestly. So every time that someone gets down after their turn, give them a hug or some praise! 

  1. Gingerbread House Building

This is a sorely under utilized holiday classic! I mean, do you really need further prompting to go buy candy and add it to more candy?

Props to you if you can make and bake your own gingerbread. To those of us who are not so culinarily inclined, head to your local food market and pick up a premade kit. One quick note though – you’re definitely going to want more candy. Be sure to grab a couple bags on the way out (we recommend candy corn, twizzlers and mini marshmallows). 

Not only do you and your family get a gorgeous centerpiece out of the evening, you get real, honest, holiday memories. How many of us remember making these as kids? Probably not enough, so get to crafting!

4. Eat with your hands!

Quick prep for this – grab the disinfecting spray and give that table a good wipedown and channel your inner barbarian.

We are going plateless. 

Actually, don’t use silverware either.

Heck, don’t even use serving dishes!

Seriously, pile on the pancakes, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, spaghetti – whatever it might be – and eat with your hands! Let yourself feel a little ridiculous for a hot second. We guarantee this will make for a memorable evening and there will 100% be a whole lot of laughter.

We know it probobly goes without saying, but make sure to clean your hands before you use them as a vessel for your food. That’d be gross otherwise. And for the love of all that is good, HELP CLEAN UP THE MESS WHEN YOU’RE DONE (you’re welcome, Moms).

5. Shaving Cream Snowman Contest 

Take a brief moment. Look at your table. Your clean (or relatively clean) table. Do you enjoy it being clean? We’ll we’re about to change that.

Grab a few cans of shaving cream because it’s time for some friendly competition. Who can make the most creative shaving cream snowman? Who can make the cutest snow-puppy? How tall of a snowman can you make? Fill your whole table with a snowman army! There are no rules, create however you feel inspired to.

As always, tag us in your photos @tablebar. We’d love to share your creations with the Table Bar community!


This holiday season looks a bit different than it has any other year. We may be far from loved ones but we are still striving to stay connected to community. We hope these ideas kickstart some long-lasting memories of time well spent around your table.

Got another fun or unique holiday table-themed idea? Drop them down below in the comments! We would love to hear what you’re doing around your table this year.



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